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Meet Teddy (See Jane’s Baby)

Having a second child is a familiar experience–it’s like déjà vu.  My pregnancy was uneventful and very similar to the one I experienced with Harry: a tired first trimester, followed by an energetic second trimester and being over it by the end of the third trimester.  I gained the same amount of weight in the […]

Nine Months (See Jane’s Belly)

Marigot pajamas (similar), Skyline bed (similar), similar lamps, similar end tables Well, I am officially 9 months (or 36 weeks) pregnant as of yesterday.  I thought I’d snap a few spur of the moment “maternity pics” of me in my natural habitat (otherwise known as my bedroom).  Also, I shared a glimpse of the baby’s […]

Home Run (See Jane Decorate)

1. dining room chairs / 2. pillow / 3. nesting tables 4. drum pendant / 5. pillow / 6. bar cart 7. gold flatware / 8. navy bed / 9. reclaimed wood dining room table I’m moving in a couple weeks and all I can focus on is home decor.  Interior design both excites and exhausts me; I could look for hours on pinterest and blogs but when it comes to execution, I have a hard […]

Ikat (See Jane Reminisce)

As I reflected on our wedding day a year ago, I couldn’t help but think of the honeymoon that followed a few months later.  Bali was completely magical and as I browsed through the recent J. Crew catalog, the memories flooded my thoughts.  While many of my memories are mere moments in time, I love […]