Life Update: Career Change

It’s high time I addressed this because I’ve received a ton of messages about what I’m doing now that we moved up to the suburbs.  I’ve been meaning to address it–I just wasn’t sure HOW and felt like it deserved a post of its own.  I know many of you reach out for career advice […]

Transitioning From the City to the Suburbs

The day has come and gone already–we moved.  It was not a decision we took lightly, either.  How do you leave the city for the suburbs?  We hemmed, we hawed, we thought about moving to another state completely (didn’t work out), but ultimately, we decided to move to the Chicago suburbs.  “Moving to the suburbs” […]

To Paint or Not to Paint Original Trim?

This isn’t a before and after story quite yet.  You see, we haven’t moved into #thisoldtudor (built in 1926) house yet but I thought I’d do a quick post on it.  I did extensive research on painting original wood trim and moldings–and I often hit a dead end.  People seem to be very passionate about […]

Real Outfit Recap + House Update

It’s my favorite time of the week: Real Outfit Recap!  We made it through another week, gang.  It went by so quickly and it’s dawning on me that we’re moving soon.  I’m going to be sharing all of our home progress along the way (especially on IG stories) so be sure to follow me over […]

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