I Still Love My Leather Leggings

I remember when I decided that I needed Theory leather leggings; it was early fall 2012.  I hemmed and hawed for what seems like months over whether or not to buy them.  The pair I wanted was expensive (but par for the course in terms of leather pants) and I wondered how much I’d actually […]

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The Best Skinny Jeans

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  These skinny jeans are certainly the ‘best skinny jeans’ I’ve encountered and I wear them over and over again.  Even after 2.5 years of constant wear, they’re still going strong in my wardrobe rotation.  Yes, it’s the same pair of jeans in all the photos (washing, fading […]

Grey Layers

Here, we are – a week before Christmas…can you believe it?  This holiday season, as usual, has gone by way too fast.  When it’s a busy time of year, I stick to the basics and in this case, it’s grey layers.  When I’m pressed for time in the morning, I go for monochromatic layers – […]

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Real Outfit Recap + Last Minute Shopping Tips

  Real outfit recap time!  It’s been awhile, right?  Let me be real for a minute: the plague has hit our household.  I’m currently wearing a robe and my glasses while my two kids fight off two different illnesses.  Last Friday, the stomach flu was upon us and got everyone in the house except me….I’m […]

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