deep thoughts

Why I Blog

I’ve been blogging a long time–almost eight years to be exact.  Blogging has evolved and reinvented itself a few times along the way, from Xanga diaries to Tumblrs to bloggers who don’t even have a proper blog (just an instagram channel), there’s everything under the sun.  Each year, I sit back and think about my […]

My Only New Year’s Resolution

I want to keep it simple this year and only strive to be mindful of something that seems so small yet could have a major impact on my life.  Patience.  I need more of it.  I need to pause before I react.  I need to be patient with others and even with myself.  There have […]

A Simple New Year’s Eve Look

If I’m being completely honest, this holiday season hasn’t felt very merry.  We’ve been in the process of (trying) to buy a house and experienced some heartbreak, long days of searching, long days of work, and long bouts of sickness (if you saw my IG stories, you know what’s up).  Christmas is in four days […]

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Grey Layers

Here, we are – a week before Christmas…can you believe it?  This holiday season, as usual, has gone by way too fast.  When it’s a busy time of year, I stick to the basics and in this case, it’s grey layers.  When I’m pressed for time in the morning, I go for monochromatic layers – […]

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