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I Still Love My Leather Leggings

I remember when I decided that I needed Theory leather leggings; it was early fall 2012.  I hemmed and hawed for what seems like months over whether or not to buy them.  The pair I wanted was expensive (but par for the course in terms of leather pants) and I wondered how much I’d actually […]

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The Best Teddy Coats That You Can Wear Now

I don’t think I can explain how much I love my teddy coat.  I wear it A LOT (it makes an appearance on instagram often) and every time I wear it, someone shoots me a compliment.  It’s so soft, heavier than it looks and makes me feel like a cozy bear each time I slip […]

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Why I Blog

I’ve been blogging a long time–almost eight years to be exact.  Blogging has evolved and reinvented itself a few times along the way, from Xanga diaries to Tumblrs to bloggers who don’t even have a proper blog (just an instagram channel), there’s everything under the sun.  Each year, I sit back and think about my […]

My Only New Year’s Resolution

I want to keep it simple this year and only strive to be mindful of something that seems so small yet could have a major impact on my life.  Patience.  I need more of it.  I need to pause before I react.  I need to be patient with others and even with myself.  There have […]