Real Outfit Recap + The Ordinary Skincare

We made it!  Happy Friday, everyone.  I was able to snap a bunch of outfits this week (doesn’t always get to happen).  A highlight of the week was attending the Create & Cultivate x Clinique luncheon–it’s always great to see my fellow Chicago bloggers as I never get to attend events.  Also, if you saw […]

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The Best Teddy Coats That You Can Wear Now

I don’t think I can explain how much I love my teddy coat.  I wear it A LOT (it makes an appearance on instagram often) and every time I wear it, someone shoots me a compliment.  It’s so soft, heavier than it looks and makes me feel like a cozy bear each time I slip […]

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Real Outfit Recap

Whew.  I’m so glad it’s Friday.  It’s been an emotional week.  As you know, we’re moving to the suburbs in March.  You might also remember that we lost a house we were under contract with and we were supposed to close on that house in early January.  Unfortunately, our nanny that has been a part […]

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Why I Blog

I’ve been blogging a long time–almost eight years to be exact.  Blogging has evolved and reinvented itself a few times along the way, from Xanga diaries to Tumblrs to bloggers who don’t even have a proper blog (just an instagram channel), there’s everything under the sun.  Each year, I sit back and think about my […]