Real Outfit Recap (It’s a Big One)

You guys – it’s been awhile since I did a real outfit recap, therefore, get ready for A LOT of real outfits, recapped, right here, right now.  I hope you all like these recaps; I do them because it gives you a glimpse into what I wear every day–because not every outfit makes it on […]

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Real Outfit Recap

Happy Friday, everyone.  We have a very kid-oriented weekend ahead of us so you can bet the coffee will be flowing and the bedtimes will be early.  In fact, last night after I put Harry to bed, I came into my room, plopped down and said, “ugh, tomorrow night I’ll do all the laundry.”  I […]

keratin lash lift results

I Tried a Keratin Lash Lift

That’s right – I tried a keratin lash lift.  It’s basically a semi-permanent curl for your eyelashes that lasts up to three months.  Here’s the low down: Why did I do it? I used to get eyelash extensions from time to time.  I LOVED them–like really loved them.  I felt more confident, prettier and putting […]

Real Outfit Recap + The Perils of Growing Up

I know, I know – a real outfit recap on a Monday?!  Last week was a doozy and I was out of commission all weekend.  I took Friday off to head to Ohio (my hometown) to help my mom pack up her house.  My parents built that house when I was 13 and I lived […]

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