The Best Skinny Jeans

best skinny jeans
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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  These skinny jeans are certainly the ‘best skinny jeans’ I’ve encountered and I wear them over and over again.  Even after 2.5 years of constant wear, they’re still going strong in my wardrobe rotation.  Yes, it’s the same pair of jeans in all the photos (washing, fading obviously change the distressing and color).  I have a lot of different brands and cuts of jeans but when I need a dark, classic, mid-rise, skinny pair, the Frame Le Skinny “Jeanne” (also here) does the job for me…and has for the past few years.  A couple notes about fit and sizing:  Yes, I am on the taller side, but I have many petite friends who also swear by Frame.  Some of the styles, they say to size up, but I find Frame to be very true to size.

A few other skinny jeans I’ve loved over the years:

Frame ‘Ali’ High-Rise

AG ‘Farrah’

Levis’ ‘721’ jeans 

What’s your go-to pair of skinny jeans?  Let’s share trade secrets!



  1. The new Everlane jeans are MY FAVORITES. I’ve had various jeans over the years, including the Farrah and Maria and they always stretch. So much so that I can’t wear them anymore. Everlane’s are made of a thicker cotton and so far, fit like a glove. And I get tons of compliments! (oh, and they’re $68!)

  2. Madewell high rise skinny jeans are the best! I’ve worn my favorite pair for the past 4 years and they are just finally starting to wear — and I wear them a few days a week!

    • Yup, love madewell jeans. They are stiffer, which isn’t I everyone’s preference, but it makes me feel like I’m wearing jeans!

  3. I have these in black and the dark denim and they are also my absolute favorite. What color are yours? Columbia Road? I’m looking for a slightly lighter wash than the dark ones I have.

  4. Not high fashion, but my Gap super high rise skinnies are great. They don’t stretch out, and are tailored enough for casual Friday. My build is on the athletic size (i.e., Fuller booty and thighs), and they’re a good fit! Affordable, too, of course 😉

    • I’m 5’9″ – embrace the crop! I actually feel like Frame jeans hit me in the perfect spot…they seem to be long. Try J Brand, too.

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