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If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I recently crowdsourced on whether you not you all would be interested in an Instagram sale.  I receive questions about whether or not I’ll sell something from time to time and never entertained the thought, but I find myself holding onto more special items that I just don’t want to donate, yet haven’t worn in awhile.  And when I hoard clothes, it builds Eric’s case that I have too much stuff.  I have 16 items listed, but feel good about what I’m selling because I’ve had several friends text me and say, “why are you selling that! I want it!”  Hopefully you’ll all enjoy!

Anyway, let’s see how this goes; it’s my first rodeo!  Here are the details:

  • Shop the sale over on my Instagram store
  • I set it up auction style where you all can bid until Friday night at 9PM CDT.  
  • Shipping for everything is $7 each (but will combine shipping if you win more than one item)
  • Payment accepted: PayPal or Vemo
  • No refunds
  • Questions? Just comment on the item’s photo and I’ll respond!


  1. I used the clothes of this fashion label and was very satisfied. It made me nicer and much more impressive. I also plan to buy clothes in this year's new collection. Thanks for your comments and sharing!

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