Pregnancy Essentials (See Jane Bump)

I’m now 33 weeks pregnant and the official countdown to meeting this little baby has begun.  In some ways, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by; in other ways, I can’t believe I haven’t had a drink since August (what a sweet moment that will finally be).  I’ve learned a few things along the way and wanted to share some of my pregnancy essentials for all you mothers to be (or even friends of mothers to be!).

BumpNest body pillow – Trust me.  You will get big enough where your hips start to hurt and you can’t get comfortable.  Enter, the body pillow.  The BumpNest pillow has been a lifesaver and ensures I get a great night’s sleep.
Belly Bandit – Ok fine, this is actually a post-partum essential.  I am already eager to get back into my normal wardrobe and I’ve already bought a Belly Bandit to help reshape the ol’ midsection.  I’ve heard great things so I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!
Belly Butter – Stretch marks–they happen.  I don’t see any yet BUT I’ve been slathering on this cream every morning.  I’ve heard they’re genetic in pregnancy but it can’t hurt to also take preventative measures.
Maternity Jeans – “I’ll never buy maternity clothes,” I once ignorantly said.  You will want to buy maternity pants for the sake of comfort.  I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them for awhile after this baby arrives, too.
Comfy Shoes – I know you’ve all been seeing me wearing heels on the blog and I assure you, you can, too (if you’re comfortable); I even wore my 4 inch pumps to my shower this past weekend. But, I hear that your feet can swell and by then, you’ll need to ditch the heels and slip on something more comfortable.  During pregnancy, I’ve never commuted in heels (Chicago weather has been treacherous and I am notoriously clumsy) so a comfy pair of shoes has been essential even though I haven’t given up heels quite yet.
Baby Book – Pick your poison but read something.  Simply put, reading has increased my confidence about this whole parenting thing (gulp) and a few of my favorites have been What to Expect.., Mommy IQ, Bringing Up Bebe, and The Happiest Baby on the Block.
New Bras – If you were less-endowed like me pre-pregnancy, you can probably get away with wearing your current bras for awhile as your belly grows.  I’m still wearing my original bras but have bought some new ones to account for the (ahem) growth I’ve experienced and because I want something more comfortable.  I love wireless bralettes AND I know I’ll wear them post-delivery.
BellaBand – Before you dive headfirst into maternity pants, try out the BellaBand.  I wore one with my favorite pants up until about the third trimester.  I’m admittedly at a point now where my pre-pregnancy pants won’t even fit over my thighs/hips, so it’s maternity pants all the way, but from weeks 15-28, I loved the BellaBand.
Water – Sounds like a no-brainer but it’s essential to stay hydrated during your whole pregnancy.  I guzzle water like it’s my job and although I curse myself during that 5th bathroom trip in the middle of the night, I know keeping hydrated prevents swelling (funny how that works) and keeps this baby healthy.

Did you have any pregnancy essentials that I’m missing?


  1. I had the BellyBandit but didn't really use it. It was way too hot when I gave birth and I was a sweat machine. My posture when I was breatfeeding at the beginning made it super uncomfortable too.
    If you're going the nursing route, Target has some really cute and comfy nursing bralettes for great prices.

    Good luck!

  2. YES! The pillow saved my life! I still use it every now and then and I'm no longer preggo 🙂 I bought a belly band and I didn't like it too much. It didn't seem to help me at all and it kept rolling up on me. I LOVED wearing tights and pulling it over my belly which seemed to have a better effect for me.

  3. I love the l'occitane brand Almond Oil. My sister used it during her pregnancy and gifted me a bottle when I found out I was expecting. I put it on every night before bed and it smells amazing!

  4. I have a belly bandit and I wore it a whopping three or four times. Breastfeeding shrunk my uterus down quickly and considering the amount of time I spent sitting down nursing my little guy, it was too uncomfortable. I'd look more into hip binders since that is affecting the way my pants fit more than my waist.

  5. I have a belly bandit and I wore it a whopping three or four times. Breastfeeding shrunk my uterus down quickly and considering the amount of time I spent sitting down nursing my little guy, it was too uncomfortable. I'd look more into hip binders since that is affecting the way my pants fit more than my waist.

  6. @paige – now that you mention it, there has been some pilling, but it's so minimal that I don't mind. plus, it's too comfy to deny it over some pilling 🙂

  7. Loved my body pillow…a must. Bralettes are great for breastfeeding. I always wore one when I slept too (if I went without my boobs leaked). Make sure you have comfortable pj's (button down front or v-neck that you can just pull down are good).

  8. So I'm not pregnant but when I was babysitting my newborn niece for the first time I used my sister-in-law's bumpnest body pillow to help me hold the baby during the feeding and I was like, "I NEED ONE OF THESE FOR MYSELF AT HOME. IN BED. ON THE COUCH."

    It is so comfortable! I don't even care that its a little weird! Is bringing up bebe a guide to raising a child the French way?


  9. Bra extenders were great. They hooked into your bra as your rib cage expanded but if you didn't quite need a new cup size.

    HM basics; tanks and skirts in a size up as pregnancy clothes. So inexpensive and got a ton of wear out if them.

    I wore belly bandit and shrinxhips and had my pre pregnancy jeans on in 6 days.

    I liked aerie girlie tanks for sleeping in, they have a built in shelf bra and you could pull it down to nurse in, but much more reasonably priced than some nursing tanks.

    Mamma mio tummy rub stretch mark oil was nice during and after pregnancy. No stretch marks at all. And their boob tube bust firming cream was good also!

  10. Ladies adore the pregnancy pillow since it underpins the officially focused on stomach area muscles and the lower back while one is sleeping. The full body ones can bolster the neck and legs also.

  11. Enjoy your pregnancy even more with pure essential oils to help you through all the emotions and changes that take place. Essential oils can be of great assistance during this time of change and nurturing.

  12. Many expectant mothers during the course of their pregnancy suffer with back pain at some time or the other, quite often this is in the lower back section of the body which is associated to the amount of weight that they carrying during their pregnancy.

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