Home Run (See Jane Decorate)

4. drum pendant / 5. pillow / 6. bar cart

I’m moving in a couple weeks and all I can focus on is home decor.  Interior design both excites and exhausts me; I could look for hours on pinterest and blogs but when it comes to execution, I have a hard time putting it all together.  These items are either ones I’m eyeing or that I’ve already purchased; fingers crossed it looks cohesive!

On that note, any decorating tips or tricks that have worked well for you?


  1. I feel like everyone is moving in these next 2 weeks! We are too haha 🙂

    I'm loving all of this, but especially both pillows, the bed, and the gold flatware.

    Decorating is so fun.

    Happy weekend!


  2. Jane, I think you've done a lovely job of choosing items that are all very cohesive and speak about the personality of the designer (you!). As a current interior design student, my advice is to choose what you love, and it will all work, a theme will emerge. 🙂

    <3 – Rita

  3. My only tip would be to take it slow, really LOVE what you are buying instead of just buying what is available and you need. With all the excitement of our last move we purchased tons of stuff in an excited buying frenzy. I love most of it still but some of it (i.e. bedding/lamps) I wish I would've waited until we found something I absolutely loved. Have so much fun decorating!

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