Eric’s Favorite Cookies (See Jane Bake)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:  I’m not a baker.  Although I think these cookies are delicious, I generally look at baking them as a tedious task.  Eric has been living at the office lately and I wanted to lift his spirits a bit; nothing makes him happier than these salted chocolate chip cookies.  This is a big deal that Eric has deemed them his favorite, because he’s a total sweets fanatic; what’s equally impressive is that I also love these cookies (and am not at all crazy about sweets in general).  The consensus?  These cookies are a people pleaser, all around.

As for the recipe, I’m partial to this one as a base (I like any recipe that uses more brown sugar than white sugar) with a few of my own modifications.  I refrigerate the dough for a few hours before spooning onto cookie sheets; also, before baking, I sprinkle sea or kosher salt on top for more of that extra, salty goodness that I love.


  1. I love the salty and sweet combo, but haven't tried adding sea salt to cookies. I'm definitely going to try this out on my next batch of cookies.

    Thanks for another great idea!

    – Jackie

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