Salad Lyonnaise (See Jane Cook/Inhale)

A lyonnaise salad takes me back to my days of studying abroad in Europe during college.  I ordered it frequently because you could always count on it being on the menu (especially in Luxembourg, where I studied) and I thought I was being somewhat healthy because hey, it was a salad!  As soon as I spotted “lardons” and “oeufs” on the menu, I thought,   “mmm, bacon and eggs.  Sold.”  It’s no wonder I gained a few pounds that semester along with all the pommes frites I devoured.

To construct this salad is super simple; frisée (but I just used spring mix + arugula, bacon, croutons, a poached egg (great tutorial here) and a dijon vinaigrette (I make my own–there recipes aplenty on the internets).  Bon appétit!


  1. YUmm, looks delicious! I'm extremely jealous of the fact you studied abroad, I'm hoping to as well some point during my undergraduate. Also, I really enjoy the tag "epic fail" aha.

    I hope you don't mind but I listed you your blog in my blogroll, how could I not?

  2. This looks great. To me it's a perfect transition out of winter into spring salad because its a bit heavier with the egg/ bacon, but you have the light dressing to offset it. Thanks for sharing! (

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