A Very Bully Christmas (See Jane’s Dog)

Jerome + Mabel (his sister and my sister in law’s dog!)

Ever since Eric and I welcomed little Jerome, the English Bulldog, into our home this past summer, he’s quickly become a very important member of the family.  That’s the thing about pets:  if I walk into my apartment in a gloomy mood or after a bad work day, his droopy face instantly lifts my spirits. You’ve maybe noticed that I’m a tad infatuated with my pet (as evidenced here and on my instagram); so it wouldn’t be crazy to say that on Christmas Eve, I spontaneously directed a little photo shoot on my in-law’s front porch.

My two dapper guys, senior pic style.
Family portrait.


  1. This is adorable! I used to think bulldogs were sort of ugly, and I guess they are, but ever since I started going to Georgetown I've become obsessed with them – our mascot is Jack the Bulldog, and I even joined the "Jack Crew" and get to walk him every week!

  2. Ahh, haha @Lulu and sadly, it's so very true! Luckily, we've been in the clear thus far with Jerome but they definitely are a high maintenance breed! So awesome to hear you're a vet–what a great job!

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