Thankful (See Jane Grow Wiser)

Theory leather pants, J Crew blazer, F21 faux-fur stole (old but similar), Club Monaco blouse (old but similar), Prada booties, thrifted clutch, Gap sunglasses

It’s been a hectic fall for me and it won’t slow down until the new year.  This past Wednesday, I celebrated my 28th birthday followed by Thanksgiving with my loved ones and this upcoming weekend my best friend is getting married.  In a couple weeks, I’m off for a quick vacation with Eric and then it’s Christmas with loved ones and finally, a brand new year.  As life continues to speed up, I sometimes can’t fight the feelings of melancholy that overcome me knowing that time is slipping away.  However, I’m thankful for everything I’m able to do and for everyone in my life; it’s easy to get nostalgic and yearn for the past but it’s better to give thanks and live in the now.


  1. I hear ya! I just turned 31 in october and still can't quite believe it! My dad is 70 and still says he feels the same why he did mentally when he was young. As ong as we stay young in our heads and hearts growing older will be all good. AND we have this BEAUTIFUL and exciting city of Chicago to do it in!

  2. You look so cute! I love that scarf and the sophistication it adds to your already adorable outfit

    I also get really, really sentimental this time of the year. Everything suddenly seems nostalgic.

  3. I can't tell you how much I identify with feeling melancholy – my 24th birthday was yesterday, and I was that crazy lady on the plane home crying about how quickly my life is going by! You look absolutely beautiful in this post (and in all your other ones) and you seem to live such a wonderful life. Happy birthday, and may year 29 be the best one yet!

    Name's Not Ashley

  4. Happy Holidays, Jane… just discovered your blog. Its great, your style is great! As to feeling a bit melancholy about time slipping away at 28… well, I'm just over 60 and having a fabulous time! You'll see, each decade brings rewards, esp when you can slow down a bit — wishing you a wonderful new year!

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