Fall Crostini (See Jane Make)

Meaning “little toasts” in Italian, crostini has become a staple in the world of appetizers.  The beauty of making crostini is that you can literally put anything you want on them; there are no wrong toppings and it’s a great way to experiment with flavor combinations.

I think that pears get a bit overshadowed in the fall by their cousin, the apple.  They’re juicy, mild and crisp, making them a perfect pairing with a strong cheese.  I toasted a baguette with olive oil and brie, then added a slice of pear, some fresh black pepper and a drizzle of honey.  What do you put on your crostini?


  1. I always put marinated goat cheese on crostini! Soak a log of goat cheese in olive oil, roasted garlic and rosemary and then spread it over the bread. Yum!

    I just posted a salted caramel corn recipe on my blog, it's delicious!


  2. NICE! I love making different types of crostini. I like soft pears, but I'm guessing this one calls for it when they're still hard. I think the honey will add an excellent non-overwhelming sweetness. I'm going to try this one! Thanks!

  3. I just had a sandwich like this the other day from a local place in Chicago called Hannah's Bretzel. It had brie, apples, some sort of cinnamon sauce and caramelized onions. Delish!

  4. I've made some great crostini with thinly sliced apple, Biscoff butter (cookie butter) and a drizzle of honey. It's also fantastic toasted with some slightly melty Rosemary Asiago (c/o Whole foods) and shredded chipotle chicken.

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