Fattoush (See Jane Make Her Own Version)

I needed fresh veggies in a bad way this week.  It seems like I’ve been eating and drinking my way through summer (see: anything fried); while it’s been a blast (you see, I love anything fried), it started to take a toll on me.  When I returned to my hometown this past weekend for a friend’s (gorgeous) wedding, I was also was able to visit with my family.  I reaped the bounty of my sister’s glorious garden; as soon as I had a cucumber and tomato in hand, I knew I’d be making fattoush–a family favorite of mine growing up.  I simply cut up the veggies (see below), added crispy pita, the juice of a whole lemon, about a half cup of EVOO, garlic and salted and peppered liberally (if this was an authentic recipe, I would have used sumac, which I didn’t have on hand).  It’s not quite as good as the Lebanese food my family would eat growing up at our favorite restaurant, but it definitely hit the spot.


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