Stormy Weather (See Jane Wear)

Hunter wellies, Mulberry bag, J Crew shorts, Zara sweater, H&M anorak, Karen Walker sunglasses
The only semi-good thing about rain during the milder months is that you can wear bare legs.  Otherwise, I much prefer rain-free days; it is almost summer after all.  Anyone else with me?


  1. I LOVE whipping out my hunters when it's raining! Hunter rain boots are the only good things about a rainy day!

  2. well, if i looked as good as you do in shorts and wellies, i'd be praying for rain everyday. but, i don't, so i am totally with you! where is the sun??

  3. I love Hunters! I almost get excited when it rains just so I could wear them!! 🙂 I recently discovered the hunter boot spray and it makes them look like brand new.. super cheap too!


  4. I love the color of the boots. Rain boots are so fun to wear, but, living in Seattle, I'm kinda getting tired of them. I want for it to be time for sandals & such!

  5. Please don't remind me… It was raining through the whole weekend, and when I got up for work today… wouldn't you know it… brightest sunshine. Well, anyways you look very cute in this outfit! I love the colorful boots and your knit jumper! 🙂
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  6. This is such a fun outfit for a rainy day! I love how colourful it is – definitely a much-needed pick-me-up on a dark, cloud-covered day. It is just the kind of look that I need to recreate, we've been having too much rain lately.

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

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