Delicate (See Jane Adorn)

I love a good statement necklace just as much as the next girl, however, lately I’ve been drawn to minimalistic jewelry.  A thin necklace accompanied by delicate rings and simple studs has been my daily uniform.  Although I remove my engagement and wedding rings at night, I never take off a few pieces:  the thin bracelets I bought on my honeymoon in Bali last year (one red and one gold/turquoise) and more recently, my “AJ” initial necklace from Maya Brenner.  With such minimalistic jewelry, you never have to worry about it matching your outfit–it becomes a part of you!


  1. I know what you mean! I'm a huge fan of statement jewelry but sometimes I want something simple, yet romantic. That's when I long for super-thin rings and dainty necklaces. I love them especially in summer, it looks just so effortless with a breezy sundress. 🙂
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. I love this post. Some things do become a part of you. I have a locket with mine and my husbands first initials inside of it. It's tiny tiny and I never take it off 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I have a simple diamond necklace that has been handed down my family for 3 generations now (the diamond is my great grandmothers engagement ring diamond) and I think it is prettier and means more than any costume jewelry I own.

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