Step and Repeat (See Jane Wear…Again)

Zara top, Old Navy scarf, BDG jeans, Ann Taylor flats

I can’t call it a remix; the only remix I know is by R. Kelly (Ignition, of course).  But in all seriousness, I re-wear my clothes all the time; it’s by no means revolutionary.  However, I do try (the operative word being ‘try’) to wear my pieces in a different way each time, whether it’s other corresponding pieces, color palette or accessories.  Sure, I wore these jeans last week and you know what, I will probably wear them next week for St. Patrick’s Day, too–it’s all about keeping things interesting.


  1. If I end up getting a pair of mint coloured jeans this season (which is quite likely), you would be mostly to blame for it. You look amazing in them! Those cap toe flats are perfect to top off the look and the blouse & bag make it classic and chic. So pretty!


  2. wearing an item once either means you are utterly frivolous, a celebrity of some type (see comment on frivolity), it is a truly, truly unique piece for a unique occasion, or you are an unwise shopper who purchased something not versatile. wearing something in new, innovative, and continually interesting ways, to make your wardrobe go truly far with the pieces you own, is a much more impressive skill than being able to continually buy whatever the newest piece of polyester from zara is.

    happy saint patty's day! keep rocking those mint jeans, you look divine in them!

  3. Ithaca doesn't have too many shopping options but we do have an Urban… I'm tempted to run down there this weekend to get these jeans (loving the mint skinnys especially and I know they have other fun colors right now too)! Looking forward to seeing you remix them more on the blog. 😉

  4. I want jeans in exactly this color! I am supremely jealous of the colorful denim collection you have, and you always look fabulous in them 🙂


  5. I lovelovelove this!! You look gorgeous here, Anna, this outfit is so perfectly simple & chic. The mint denim looks amazing on you, and I am completely swooning over those shoes! Gorgeous!

  6. Love the way you styled these! I just bought a pair of mint jeans and I want to wear them constantly – thanks for more inspiration. 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  7. You are so cute. Those mint green pants are daring. I am seriously thinking of getting colored pants, just don't know what color yet to take the plunge….

  8. @Iris – man, I hope not..that'd be a waste! I was speaking more in the context of showing it on the blog and getting as much wear out of it as possible; these are mint jeans and harder to re-wear than say something like dark denim.

  9. i've been eyeing mint green jeans – the st paddy's idea may have just been the kicker i needed to pull the trigger! was in chi celebrating the holiday last year – wish i was heading back again this weekend for the green river festivities!


  10. i struggle with finding different ways to wear color and i think you convinced me that I need some mint colored jeans! I also think I'm going to order those shoes! love them!


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