Makeshift (See Jane Wear)

Gap skirt, J Crew tank, H&M jacket, BR necklace, Zara flats, LV bag, Karen Walker sunglasses

During a mindless internet scour (I do this often), I stumbled upon this dress and was instantly smitten.  I then realized that I had a pink, maxi skirt AND a plain, white t-shirt; basically, I had the dress already!  I threw on an old, statement necklace and a favorite, striped blazer from last year et voilà!  It’s my new favorite makeshift dress.


  1. From the moment I saw this skirt my eyes were like the size of quarters. I am so in love with the color it is amazing !

    Xo Maria

  2. Wondering what size your feet are haha. I want these flats but wear a 9-10 and am afraid my feet may look like skis in them!!

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