Commuter (See Jane Wear)

crewcuts shirt, Theory skirt, Zara flats, Gap jean jacket (via eBay)

Heels are great but you’ll never catch me commuting in a pair.  I’m always on the go, which is why I love a good pair of flats–and cute, ankle straps are always an added bonus.  These shoes will be getting lots of use this weekend when I’m entertaining my sister, brother-in-law and adorable/mischievous nephews.  In fact, I feel a trip to the Lego Store/aquarium/Navy Pier coming on, so another flats post might be heading your way come Monday.

(If you’re wondering about that Net-a-Porter bag, it’s my fancy, lunch/camera/work sack–in addition to my work bag.)


  1. I'm totally with you…cute flats are a must for city commutes. Those are great. And that shirt! I love that it's Crewcuts!

  2. Loving this outfit. It makes casual very chic and upscale. Those shoes look like they will be well worth the wear…so versatile and so stunning!

    <3 Cambria

  3. I'm not usually a plaid fan at all, but I love your top! It works so perfectly with the rest of your outfit.


  4. I have bad knees so can't wear heels easily so its flats all the way! These are gorgeous, I saw them in store and fell in love but, alas, no spare cash! I'll clearly have to live vicariously

  5. This outfit is perfect, something I would totally wear, and like you, I am very much a flats girl! I love my heels, but for the amount I walk downtown I am mostly found in flats! I lovelovelove these Zara ones! Adorable!

  6. Just thought I'd pop over and say hello, and tell you I just LOVE those Zara flats. I'm 100% behind the movement to bring back pointy-toe flats, and the ankle strap adds a sweet detail! Hope you're well – XO!

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