Radio Silence + Teresa (See Jane’s Friend)

J Crew pants, BR shirt, Zara blazer, Prune belt (in Argentina), W3 heels

I apologize for being MIA the last couple days; work has been crazy and I am currently in New York for a few NYFW events (and for fun, of course).  I love NYC, possibly more than any other city in the world, so it feels good to be here, even if just for a bit.  I’m excited to share bits of my trip once I return!

In the meantime, meet Teresa, my wonderful co-worker/friend.  She sometimes snaps my blog pictures so thought it was high time I feature her!  We actually went to the same college and once I started at Trunk Club, we became fast friends.  She is half-Brazilian and half-Argentinian and can speak four languages fluently (jealous).

Happy (early) weekend!


  1. You do have the most stylishly adorable friends 🙂 LOVE the tartan pants, so fun…and the red belt and yellow blouse just make them pop. Really cute and chic!

    <3 Cambria

  2. 4 languages fluently!??! she may just have become my new role model in life. wow. and she's gorgeous – hope you're having a great time in NYC!

    ps. just found your blog and i have a feeling i'll be back quite often 🙂

  3. I am Argentinian and we do have a fabulous fashion sense. What can I say, she has the best of both worlds, since Brazilians have amazing bodies. ps: I have the same pants. Must be the Argentinian connection:)

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