Pretty Pastels (See Jane Lighten Up)

There’s something in the air; could it be spring?  To stay on track from Monday’s post, I decided to do a little roundup of on-trend pastel items.  It’s hard for me to resist these sweet hues, especially when I know that warm weather is near.  In fact, what I have my eye on most is a pair of pastel sunglasses.  You might have seen my tweets about losing one of favorite pairs of sunglasses (first pair I’ve ever lost…I’m beside myself), so perhaps a light pink pair is in my future.


  1. This is one of the best roundups I've seen in a long time! I am obsessed with those chevron-looking bangle bracelets – love them.

    I love looking at your roundups! You should do more 🙂 They're fun. I am curious, though, how do you do them? Do you use Polyvore??


  2. Well of course my favorite thing in this roundup is that wildly expensive missoni skirt that I would probably give up a newborn puppy for. Damnit janet. I also love those sunglasses – the color, the shape, everything. Might have to order.
    Losing sunglasses is the worst, especially when you have NO idea where/when they could have gone missing from your life. Happened to me for the first time last year. RIP sunglasses?


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