Untitled (See Jane Wear….and Forward On)

Trina Turk blazer, borrowed Agatha Ruiz de la Prada pants, Gap top, Spike the Punch necklace (c/o), thrifted clutch

Why is this post untitled?  Because no words can describe these pants.  I have to admit that I’m out of my comfort zone in them; they’re bright, wide, colorful and something I’d never choose for myself.  However, the Bib + Tuck Forward Fashion Project is about embracing and styling new things in different ways (and honestly, I cannot wait to see how my counterparts wear these guys).  For me, I tried to keep my top half classic and simple since the pants speak for themselves.

Check out how the last blogger wore them here!


  1. omg…when I first saw these pants on the other blogger, I wondered how you'd style them…but you did a nice job. You really kept to your sense of style!

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