Not a Poet (See Jane Wear)

Gap cords + turtleneck, BB Dakota vest, necklace c/o Spike the Punch,  Karen Walker sunglasses, Enzo Angiolini boots, Zara socks, LV neverfull
…And I’m actually not wearing all black here; my pants, that don’t seem to photograph well (I’ve tried to toy with the colors so you can actually see them!), are actually a dark burgundy/purple (worn here).  Anyway, it’s been quite brisk in Chicago the past few days and I made the mistake of wearing lightweight fabrics the day before.  Yesterday, I deemed it necessary to pull all the stops: cords, turtleneck and fur (I think my co-workers are sick of seeing this vest).  My recipe must’ve worked because it kept the chill away and I wasn’t shivering during my commute to work.


  1. Very pretty! It's so cold in Tampa today (35*) and I also chose cords and layering a cardigan over a cowl neck sweater. I love the fur but don't know how functional it would be to own in FL. I wish, though!

  2. i wish my co-workers would introduce some kind of style into their lives. i'd rather look at the fur vest all day long then frumpiness. my office needs a make over!


  3. I visited Chicago for the first time this week and the weather was crazy cold! You're probably used to being outside without a coat! But I love this outfit.


  4. super cute! I love the fur vestie. I keep trying them on hoping to make them work but I always end up feeling like a yetti! You pull it off so chicly every time. I'm jealous!

    -erika in sf

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