Beauty Basics (See Jane Make Up)

I’ll admit that I’m not very adventurous when it comes to makeup.  I stick with what works best for me and rarely stray unless it comes highly recommended by a friend.  Since college, my skin has become increasingly sensitive and the term ‘adult acne’ has become unfortunately familiar*.  Long gone are the days of sleeping in makeup and showing up places with a bare face.  Here are a few staples that have treated me well amidst my skin’s temper tantrums.

1. Bare Escentuals Foundation SPF 15 (my #1…rarely leave the house without this on)
2. L’oreal Voluminous Mascara (I’ve strayed but I always go back to it)
3. Bare Escentuals Bronzer in Warmth (no need for a fake tan–just a quick swipe on the cheekbones and forehead)
4. Mario Badescu Facial Spray (perfect for rehydrating skin–especially in the winter)
5. CoverGirl Lipstick in ‘Spellbound’ (I can’t bring myself to buy expensive lipsticks and this hot-pink hue does the trick every time)
6. Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder in ‘Starlight’ (finishing touch for that dewy, air-brushed look)
7. MAC Lipstick in ‘Crosswires’ (A wonderful everyday lip color and great value for $12)

*If you have any issues with sensitivity or breakouts, I highly recommend testing out Bare Escentuals; it’s a little scary making the jump from a liquid like tinted moisturizer, but I’ll never go back.

Also, do you have any eyeliners you love?  I’ve never found one I love and am always looking for suggestions!


  1. Lots of great products for a natural look! I don't wear foundation anymore but I used to wear Bare Escentuals and remember my skin glowing. Just trying to use minimal things on my face these days! Eyeliner wise, I'm a big sucker for MAC Fluidline and am on my third jar of it. It's more resilient than a pencil liner and is so much easier to apply than liquid, so it's a happy medium for me!

    Have a great day!

  2. Such great choices here. I have such a hard time picking cosmetics and as much as I love wandering around Sephora, I always end up a bit overwhelmed! It's so hard to decide what will actually be worth the money! But these are some great options, so thanks!! I have sensitive skin so I may give #1 a try 🙂


  3. Hi Jane,

    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I've been rampantly stalking you ever since!! I so enjoy seeing your outfits. I signed up to follow you super-fast!

    I've just started doing a 30 for 30 on my blog, where I have 30 pieces to remix over 30 days, which has been partly inspired by blogs like yours!! So thank you so much for inspiring me to take the plunge!


  4. Hi Jane! For eyeliner I recommend MAC like Jen mentioned above, but a cheaper version I recently found is actually by Wet n' Wild. It's an eyeliner pot and it works great for just a few bucks!

    Also, I used to have horrible cystic acne and the only thing that saved me is using Lush's facial cleansers and face creams. I use Angels on Bare Skin as a cleanser and Cosmetic Lad for a moisturizer and my skin is amazing now. I can go without makeup and I have clear glowing skin! I highly recommend you trying it out. They always give out free testers in stores that last a while.


  5. Love the products! I think sticking with what you know flatters you is always wise, but venturing out of your comfort zone when you're feeling brave is also a healthy way to experiment and discover some amazing new things! Eyeliner: gel eyeliners with a brush are wonderful for long-wear; I love MAC fluidline, or Clinique or Bobbi Brown equivalents…if its a pencil you're looking for, the Urban Decay 24/7 liners come in a massive range of colours and last forever on the eye (including waterline). Hope this helps! x

  6. Unfortunately I have become familiar as well with the term adult acne and extra sensitive skin! I'm definitely going to try out that Mac lipstick… As for a good eyeliner I a have an on going quest as well but right now my favorite has got to be the maybelline stiletto liquid one. It has a nice tip and the lines can be as thin or as thick as you like.


  7. I am the exact same, as I age my skin keeps freaking out! It is so embarrassing and frustrating. I am on a pretty good regimen now with some RX from a derma, but still. Ugh!

    For eyeliner I love Stila's Stay all Day (the name is something like that). It seriously does stay (even in the summer) and it's really easy to use.

  8. I too have strayed…but always go back to Voluminous. There's just nothing quite like it! NARS has a great long lasting eyeliner (Larger than Life Long Wear Eyeliner) – my favorite shade is Rue Saint-Honore.

  9. I've noticed that my skin is getting increasingly sensitive as well so I should really try out the bare minerals line. I'm actually a really big fan of Avon in terms of tinted moisturizers and powders – they're gentle on my skin and effective but also well priced and cruelty free. I also tend to have fairly oily skin so I swear by Le Papier Poudoir blotting sheets.

    Courtney ~

  10. Thanks for the post! I love bare minerals and laura mercier- those are the exact two lines I use on my face as well. As for adult acne, it seems like we're all in the same boat. What helps me the most is my Clarisonic. It was an investment but definitely worth- and it helps fight wrinkles! As for eyeliner, I'm lazy and can never get the gel or liquid on fast enough or straight enough. I'm addicted to MAC eyeliner pencils with the sharpener built in.

  11. I agree, the mac eyeliner that comes in a pot is excellent… stays on all day, and won't irritate your eyes if you're a contact wearer. An alternative, and much cheaper option is eyes lips face eyeliner in a pot, which i found at a target.

    also, i started using lemon juice as a toner (I just bought a bottle from a local grocery store) and it has worked wonders on my acne. I no longer have any 🙂 You do have to stand the sting though.


  12. as for eyeliners, i've tried all sorts because it tends to disappear by the end of the day, even though i use my UD primer potion pretty religiously. there are a few drugstore brands of cream eye pencils which work pretty well (i.e. L'oreal's HIP line), but i never go wrong with a gel eyeliner- bobbi brown's is the first i tried and is really killer, but MAC's fluidline is also good. i've actually now found that ELF makes a gel eyeliner (these all come in little pots), and it's really quite good for the price. the key is getting a good eyeliner brush (i recommend bobbi brown), but it's fairly foolproof and lasts all day. i will sometimes additionally set the liner with a little eye shadow, which also gives it more of a smudgy feel.

  13. I am def going to try the Laura Mercier! Thanks for introducing me to a new product. I have been using Clinique's Egyptian Eyeliner for YEARS, I will never not have it in my makeup bag. For more dramatic looks – I like using the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. I think suing a brush is much, much easier than liquid liners.

  14. i love bare minerals! i will never go back to regular foundation, it feels so light and is so quick to apply. and the best thing abuot it is that it actually covers imperfections well!

  15. Your post was so funny because I was excited to see some new products, but I saw all the products that I already use!! I unfortunately also developed a case of horrible adult acne which is rapidly improving thanks to a prescription for Differin gel. If it's really a problem for you I would check this out with your dermatologist. It's a retinoid so your skin is going to get a lot worse (dry, flaking, peeling, red) before it gets better but it's been a lifesaver! Retinoids are also good for anti aging.

    I love my Clinique quick liner eyeliner, it glides on super smooth and easy. But I have heard from friends who swear by the eyeliner in a pot such as the one from Mac. Maybe I will give that one a try too!

  16. Also, you said your skin is becoming more sensitive, which happened to me too. I love the Purpose cleanser and moisturizer with SPF. It's at every drug store and it's very gentle with no added products or fragrance that will clog pores. Cheap and easy! Also I would highly recommend investing in a Clarisonic. I couldn't live without mine now that I've had it!

  17. For eyeliners, I have never found a perfect liquid liner. Sad..considering that fact that I always wear cateyes. But I do love properly sharpened NYX Slide On eyeliner in any color. It's an amazing dupe for UD 24/7 but it's good for the wallet since the formula makes these kind of eyeliners used up quickly (I use lots every day.) Revlon ColorStay liners stay on even longer than these. (Like, I forgot to take off my make up and it still looks perfect the next morning.) But the application isn't as smooth.

  18. I love all these make-up products especially the bright pink lipstick. One recommendation for the eyeliner that I always use is MAC gel liners, that stay on for as long as you need them to and come in many great colours! Always love visiting your blog,

    Lacey xoxo

  19. Wow, I thought it was strange that I used to have great skin and now have cystic acne in my mid 20's, but it looks like it is more common than I thought. My Clarisonic has not made much of a difference for me, but it has for a lot of friends, so I still would recommend it. I will have to try the bare minerals, thanks for the recommendation! And although I haven't found a great liquid liner yet, the basic Sephora kohl is excellent for creating a smoky eye but stays in place on the inner eye rim quite nicely. And it's cheap!

  20. Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes is amazing eyeliner. Buy it at Sephora. As for the adult acne, go to your derm and make sure you're not in the early stages of rosacea. If so, it's very manageable when caught early. It's harder to manage and a total pain if it progresses, so it's really best to figure it out if that's the real problem now. Good luck!

  21. I love Bare minerals- I've been using it for about 6 yrs now and I don't think I'll ever go back to liquid make up. My skin sounds similar to yours and this is the only stuff that won't make me break out.
    My favorite eyeliner is Smashbox Cream eyeliner, it comes in a pot and I apply it with a brush so you can easily do a heavy or light line and it's really smooth and easy to apply. I just use a generic Ulta eye brush with it.

  22. I actually really like my Neutrogena liquid eyeliner…I have SUPER sensitive skin, and for whatever reason, Neutrogena's products work great for me! The eyeliner has a great thin, easy-appy wand and never dries out. Love the stuff.

    <3 Cambria

  23. Thanks for this post. I had been contemplating the Bare Escentuals foundation (love that adult acne). I also purchased the Spellbound lipstick and LOVE IT!

  24. l'oreal voluminous is the all time best mascara ever. i like to use both the original and waterproof for volume + hold. but still way more cost effective and practical than other mascaras!
    i'll have to try some of these other things!
    – cori

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