Avocado Toast (See Jane Make)

I have a running list of New Year resolutions in my head.  I’m sure many will be broken by next week and some won’t even be given a sporting chance, but one I’d like to try and keep is to eat breakfast on weekdays.  I tend to choose sleep over breakfast and usually resort to grabbing a soy latte to both wake me up and tide me over until lunch.  There once was a time when I ate breakfast everyday (and not just brunch on the weekends) and I’d like to get back into that routine.  
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m much more productive when I’ve had a small (and quick) meal in the morning so a perfect start for me is avocado toast.  Simply mash one avocado in a bowl, add the juice of a lemon, salt, pepper, spread on toast (I used a whole wheat english muffin) and sprinkle with red pepper flakes.

Did you make any New Year resolutions?


  1. Mmmm, looks so good, I love toast and avocado, must try them together. 🙂 I always skip breakfast too, haha. My NY resolutions are to lose some more weight, blog every other day, sort my school stuff out and find a job. 🙂

  2. @Doux – the lemon prevents browning AND adds a little depth to the avocado (great with salt and pepper). I think lime would make it too guacamole-ish (just my opinion, though).
    @Nicole – I mash an avocado right before I spread it to keep it fresh and green–only takes about 30 seconds to mash it up 🙂

  3. LOVE avocados. My resolution is to highlight others' strengths/talents more than my own. So if a friend is a good writer, then I want to genuinely praise her amazing talent.

  4. This loos really tasty. Maybe I'll give it a try, but actually I'm also more on team 'sleep longer-skip breakfast' haha 😉
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  5. Your avocado toast sounds delish! I am working on being more healthy, and well I am starting with eating breakfast as well! Its the most important meal of the day, and I hardly ever eat it! Shame on me! Good for you for coming up with yummy, quick, healthy recipes to have breakfast!

  6. So glad you posted this! It looked so tasty in your instagram, and even tastier in this post! Definitely going to try this soon, I am a huge avocado fan! I'm bad at eating breakfast too, and really should put more of an effort into eating it daily!

  7. Jane, I have been testing out your advocado toast this week and it is soooo delicious, healthy and even really holds me over until lunch. Thanks so much for the idea and hope you have been keeping your NY breakfast resolution 😉

  8. as soon as i read this post (and as soon as i got off work) i drove to the grocery store, bought an avocado, and promptly ate half of it using your little recipe. yummmmm!

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