Alice in Chains (See Jane Wear)

Gianetta blouse (c/o), Madewell skirt, Spike the Punch necklace (c/o), Marc Jacobs bag, F21 + J Crew bracelets, Acanthus earrings (c/o), Express tights, Karen Walker sunglasses, Prada booties, CoverGirl lipstick (spellbound)

There’s a bit of a chain theme happening in this outfit.  Eric told me it was a bit reminiscent of Run D.M.C. and as a lover of all things 80s, I can’t help but to feel pleased/proud.  I wore this outfit to my work holiday party which was actually on Friday night (yes we had it in January).  I deemed the outfit to be completely appropriate as I’m always chained to my desk (kidding, kidding..I love my job).

Ok, enough jokes…it is Monday, after all. 


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