Butter (See Jane Wear)

Forever 21 sweater + necklace, Madewell skirt, Topshop heels, Express tights, Jewelmint necklace (c/o), Acanthus ring (c/o)

I’m really not much of an impulse shopper, but when I saw this skirt on sale for Black Friday, I quickly made a game time decision.  I suppose it’s not much of an impulse purchase though, because I’ve been scouring sales and eBay for a similar skirt for the past six months.  The leather is so buttery and soft; it will definitely be a piece that gets better with time.  This is one of those items that I think to myself, ‘I am totally passing this skirt down to my daughter.’  And then I realize by the time this future daughter would be able to wear it, we’ll probably all be wearing metallic spacesuits and have flying cars.

PS.  Thanks to my co-worker/friend Teresa for kindly taking these pictures.


  1. Ooh, good choice Anna! That skirt is gorgeous! I love the color, and I love how you paired it with bright cobalt blue! Loving the layered necklaces too!

  2. I totally think about passing things down to my daughter, too. Glad I'm not the only one:) Nice to meet you at The Edit last night- wish we could have talked more. Taylor and I are planning a small dinner/drinks this month, hope you can come!

  3. i too have been looking for *the* leather skirt of my dreams for a while now, and i am very jealous you scored this one on sale! way to go!!
    Great look, can't wait to see the other ways you continue to style this great piece

  4. It is gorgeous on you! What a find! Love that exact shade of buttery, tawny leather…and it does look so soft and delightful. Really great with the brown and the pop of blue, couldn't have styled it better.

    I'm your newest follower!

    <3 Cambria

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