Shepherd’s Pie (See Jane Cook)

I really like to cook.  I’m okay at best, but it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing.  I like having the freedom of adding spices and ingredients as I please (I don’t follow directions that well so baking doesn’t always turn out so well for me).  When I go grocery shopping with Eric, I always ask him think of something new he wants to eat and recently he requested mashed potatoes.  I decided to turn it in to a complete dinner by making a variation of Shepherd’s Pie (used this recipe but changed a few things–no parsnips for one).  I used ground beef instead of the traditional lamb and added lots of veggies like zucchini, mushrooms and red peppers.


  1. Yum! Good dinner. With beef its cottage pie, with lamb its shepherd's pie. Identical dishes other than that! I always bung loads of veggies in too. I fancy this for tea now!

  2. I am the EXACT same way. I love to cook, hate baking cause you have rules to follow (I'm a rule breaker), but the biggest downfall is that I hate cleaning. With cooking comes a lot of cleaning and that's what sets me back.

    I love me some Shepard's Pie and will have to try this recipe.

  3. I've always thought shepard's pie would be hard, but this looks pretty simple! I genuinely enjoy cooking too. I'm better at baking though, but working on dinner making skills. 🙂

  4. MMM, this sounds so tasty and definitely a meal the guys would approve of. Tanner would love this and we're going grocery shopping tonight so thanks for the cookin' inspiration. I'm having more fun in the kitchen these days but like you I rarely follow directions. 😉

  5. I also like to cook, and I am terrible at baking.

    While I'm not a terribly picky eater, there are certain foods that I absolute will not eat (olives) and I often cut or add ingredients to recipes willy-nilly to suit my tastes of the day. It's empowering, in a way. Knowing that I have total control over my meals feels really good.

    This Shepard's Pie looks delicious. I love any sort of savory pie, and especially with potato crust.

    Happy eating!


  6. I don't get it, E asked for mashed potatoes and you whip up this shit. A few things are going on: "When I go grocery shopping with Eric, I always ask him think of something new he wants to eat and recently he requested mashed potatoes."

    This implies he has never had mashed potatoes before — where did you find this Oliver Twist??? Did his parents pay for the wedding or did yours??? What did you have at the wedding, big bite hotdogs and double gulps??????????

    And also….. what you cooked isn't really like mashed potatoes.

    Good post though!

  7. Hey @anon actually Eric had never had mashed potatoes made by me and and since they're an integral part of shepherds pie, I asked if he'd be willing to try it since they make up the top layer. Luckily, he liked it. Not sure what "double gulps" are but they sort of sound up my alley 🙂

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