Laid Back (See Jane Wear)

Old Navy sweater, J Crew shirt, F21 necklace, Seven stretch pants (c/o Invista Lycra), Zara socks, boots + jacket, Gap infinity scarf (holding), Acanthus ring (c/o)

If there’s any holiday that allows for (somewhat) relaxation, it’s Thanksgiving.  Sure, preparations can be tedious and clean up is a pain, but for the most part, I like to lounge, relax and remember that its only Thursday and that the weekend has just begun.  I wore this to Thanksgiving with my family with function in mind:  stretchy pants (easy to move but comfortable enough to lay around), a cozy scarf (that doubles as a blanket for when I crash on the couch), layers (it can get hot in the kitchen but cold in the living room), and warm socks (I take my shoes off as soon as I get in the door).


  1. This is so cute! I especially love the socks & lace up ankle boots over the skinnies! Such a cute look! And that scarf looks SO beyond cozy! I love it! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, lady!

  2. i love your scarf! i tried to find it online but i didn't see it. is it a current item? i have the toughest time finding the perfect scarf!

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