Revival (See Jane Wear)

BB Dakota vest, MinkPink dress (worn at shirt) c/o Tilly Boutique, Joes Jeans jeggings, Zara boots (similar),
necklace c/o JewelMint, Ray Ban sunglasses, vintage clutch

I feel as if these boots and I started out on the wrong food (pun intended).  First off, I bought them at a Zara in Europe last summer and when I saw them in my local store, they were about $30 less than what I paid (I’m not sure why I didn’t think that they’d be available in the States and cheaper due to the exchange rate, for that matter).  Next, I came to realize that these innocent-looking wedges were excruciatingly painful (disclaimer: I’m somewhat of a baby when it comes to uncomfortable shoes).  I had given up hope until the kind ladies at Stiletto Hardware sent me some cushions for my shoes.

When I wore these wedges the other day, I had only walked a few blocks when I was ready to give up all hope.  I got on the train and inserted the ball-of-foot cushions into my boots (I couldn’t wait until I got to work and luckily it was empty) and, I kid you not, ended up wearing the shoes all day in pure comfort.  I even went straight out after work and hardly noticed that I was wearing the boots all day/night.  I think I’ll be able to revive other uncomfortable shoes that are sitting in my closet from here on out.  (PS. Anh from 9to5Chic uses them too!)


  1. I must order some of these STAT!!! My only complaint about heels is always the ball – i dont have any callouses or something! (And cute outfit as always!)

  2. I've been on the hunt for booties and these are amazingly beautiful! I need to find a similar pair! Glad you're using pads, cause these are way too cute to be in the closet 😉

  3. Love those boots and I'm glad you've started getting along better with them. They are the perfect combination of chic and tomboy.
    Love them.

    xo L.

  4. you're wearing fur. i won't be able to wear fur for 2 months. possibly more. insert bawling here.

    despite purchasing loooooong before the site crash target emailed me this morning to cancel my order on the knit flats. they can suck it.


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