Fresh Air (See Jane Wear)

Joie top (romper version here), Old Navy vest, J Brand jeans, Dolce Vita flats, Chloe bag, Karen Walker sunglasses, MAC lipstick in ‘crosswires’

I was jet-lagged for quite some time upon returning from Bali.  Labor Day weekend was a blur–I was waking up at 2AM and passing out by 9AM–sleeping throughout the day.  It was definitely the worst case of jet-lag I’d ever experienced.  My sister stopped over one day to find me sleeping on the couch and had an intervention.  She made me get up and walk around with her (it was a beautiful day) in hopes that I would liven up a bit.  Turns out, a little fresh air can work wonders.  The weather was crisp and felt like the beginning of fall–the perfect remedy for my tired soul.  Big sisters usually know best, right?

How was your weekend?


  1. this is the perfect outfit for the summer to fall transition. and I totally feel ya on the jet lag! my husband and I just moved to Amsterdam and for some reason jet lag got the best of me and we accidentally kept taking this naps… 6 hour long naps… haha But as soon as we would get outside we'd feel alive and realize maybe we wouldn't have jet lag forever (I swear I was so delirious I was convinced we would never sleep normally again! haha)

    anyhow glad you're back and had an amazing time on your honeymoon! 🙂

  2. Being a big sister, I have to agree. We do know best!

    I have the same Old Navy vest. It's one of my favorite items in my closet. Just makes any outfit look a bit cuter.

    Congrats on the Lucky mag article. I have a subscription to Lucky and am excited to see what you put together.


  3. I spent my weekend in NYC (was there for fashion week) I'm at home now recovering too!
    This Old Navy vest just went on clearance for $16.99 and I literally ran there today to snatch one up – I'm so glad! It's such a fun piece to layer for all seasons.

    You look fab, girl!


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