Scout’s Honor (See Jane Wear)

j crew shorts, anthropologie tank (old), H&M belt, no label scarf, dolce vita wedges, EJ sunglasses

I’ve always been a huge fan of scarves.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that I get chilled easily or perhaps it’s because I like to cover up my neck (I love turtlenecks and I’m not sorry), but I’ve never been one to walk away from a scarf.  I picked up this printed gem from a street vendor in NYC three years back.  It was around $5 and I have been wearing it off and on since; it’s one of those cheap, impulse buys that you’re glad you made every time you put it on.  I felt a bit like a boyscout in this outfit–the faded blue shorts with a loosely tied scarf.  I wasn’t a boyscout (obviously), but I do know how to tie a square knot, as pictured here:  right over left and under, then left over right and under, in case you’re curious.


  1. i'm a huge scarf lover myself! it's getting out of control a little bit, i think. cannot wait for colder temperatures to finally bring the scarves out of hiding 🙂

    i'm loving the dolce vita wedges!

  2. I think your boy scout outfit is perfectly adorable! Love the scarf & the sandals, you look so easy breezy summer! And I loved your turtleneck comment – I'm with ya, sister! 😉

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