Tubing (See Jane Wear)

American Apparel tube top onesie, Anthropologie shorts, Steve Madden wedges, c/o Banana Republic necklace, c/o Foley + Corrina bag, Elizabeth and James sunglasses
As mentioned a few weeks back, Eric and I finally painted our bedroom this weekend.  While in the throes of preparing the room, I found a one-piece, American Apparel tube top that I’d completely forgotten about.  I folded it away and thought to myself, ‘what was I thinking’ then after watching an episode of Sex and the City, decided to pull it back out for a wear.  The episode featured the girls in LA and prior to leaving, Carrie was wearing a cropped tube top with loose, parachute-esque pants.  I remembered how much I loved tube tops in high school, college (and even two years ago–this purchase was is proof) and decided to revive it.  Long live the tube top!

Was it sweltering where you live, too, this weekend?


  1. So funny because I remember myself thinking last year, why do I have this tube top in my closet. Then this year when I bought this skirt, I was hoping I still had it because it was going to go perfectly with it. Luckily I did because I've been able to wear it more this summer than I thought I would.

  2. Who didn't love the tube top back in high school?! I like how you've styled it here, making it look completely modern and on-trend. Also, it was SCORCHING here in NYC this weekend…hoping for cooler temps this week!

  3. Firstly- I adore your blog- the way your pictures are taken, your style and all the rest :).
    Secondly- beautiful necklace;
    Thirdly- the answer for your question: in my city it was raining cats and dogs all dthe weekend (and not only weekend but also whole week:))

  4. I love it when you find a piece of clothing you totally forgot you had, it's the best feeling, much like finding a $20 bill in your pocket you thought you had spent. I love this outfit, especially your wedges! You are so tanned and I am so jealous!

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