Lemon Arugula Pesto (See Jane Make)

Yesterday was a scorcher.  The last thing I wanted to eat when I came home was something heavy.  I noticed that I had a nearly full container of baby arugula that needed to be used immediately.  A huge salad just didn’t sound appetizing so I typed “arugula” into Google and pesto is the second phrase that appears (thank goodness for auto-complete, right?).  I love arugula–the peppery bite makes it a favorite for me (I love a spicy kick in all forms) and this pesto sounded right up my alley.  I ended up spooning it over angel hair pasta and throwing in few cherry tomatoes; all in all, it made for the perfect summer meal.

An added bonus of this meal was that I was able to deflower my new food processor–so far, so good.


  1. MMMM, sounds delicious Anna.

    I made homemade Walnut sauce on Saturday and the process was actually really fun and obviously delicious! Pesto is my favorite and I like the addition of Arugula and lemon in this recipe. I will definitely need to try!

  2. Love doing this with pesto. One twist to make it more decadent is to add goat cheese into the pesto. Spoon the hot pasta (and a bit of pasta water over it) and it loosens the sauce up and makes it creamy but peppery. SO GOOD.

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