Psst.. (See Jane Summer)

Guess what?  It’s summer.  Go outside.  Eat some fruit.  Catch some rays.  Drink outside.  Dip your feet in a pool.  Leave work early.  Go to a baseball game.  Visit the ice cream truck.  Drive in a convertible (top down, of course).  Light up the grill.  Catch fireflies.  Lounge in a hammock.  Pitch a tent.  Enjoy yourself.

Hope you all have a wonderful, summer weekend!


  1. I honestly really needed this. Thank you – I feel like summer has been a disappointment so far but this made me realize I've made no effort to enjoy it! Happy summer! xoxo.

  2. I have most certainly done almost all of those things. I have yet to be able to leave work early – but I'll make sure to check it off the lest.

    In fact – I am eating a nectarine as I type this…

  3. I wish! It has rained pretty torrentially here for weeks. But the few bits of sun we get, everyone races to the parks for bbqs! Fingers crossed that the sun comes to stay for a bit so I can go do all these lovely things

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