Dressed To Mill (See Jane Wear)

Joie top (via Gilt), J Crew skirt + belt, LV bag, Kate Spade heels, unknown earrings (gift from friend)

During the muggy summertime, there are only a few provisions that will suffice for a commute to work: skirts, loose tops and your hair in the up position.  Anything more restricting and you’re asking for trouble–or sweat where you don’t want it.  It’s times like this that I love being a girl in the workplace.  Sometimes I look over at my male counterparts in dark pants and long sleeves step off the train looking like they just competed in a swim meet.  When I arrive to work,  I want to be dressed to mill…about the office, that is.

On another note, are you bored of my brick backdrop?  Me too.  I want to start venturing out beyond my apartment deck.


  1. Bright coloured skirts are great, especially for the office. I have a bright blue skirt which I love.

    And I agreed, I've been getting sick of my OOTD spot, but it's so hard to find a good backdrop that's easy to get to. :/

  2. This skirt is fabulous! ^^ what a great office look! I know it rocks to be a girl in summer. We can wear short skirts and loose tank tops, I don't really see a man doing that, haha ^^ x

  3. I always feel so bad for all of those guys dressed in near winter-wear! I suppose the one benefit of being a lady is being able to switch it up with lightweight dresses and flowy skirts.

    Love this look – that top is too fun!


  4. You're giving Anh a run for her money with your chic work attire. You both always look so put together for the 9 to 5, very cute Anna!

    And yes, I want to see you walking around Chicago, doing your thing. 😉 Although I need to do that more too!

  5. I'm not sick of the brick wall, but having never been to Chicago, I'd love to see more of the city in the background! 🙂

    That top is amazing, and I love how you paired it with a red pencil skirt!


  6. Women are sooo much luckier than men in the clothing department! Very cute look (I really like the gray belt added into the red/black/white mix) And I like the brick background…I'm sure it's much easier for you too (especially when the colder weather comes back.)

  7. This is SUCH a perfect work outfit! I love the bright red pencil skirt! So cute! And I am actually quite jealous of your brick background… that you have a place to default to to take photos… so many of my photoshoots involve driving around trying to find anywhere that doesn't have lots of people around to set up my tripod, and hoping I don't get caught! Ha!

  8. Not bored of the brick background. I actually never really notice the background, but that's probably because your outfits are always so amazing!
    xx Allie

  9. Love this vibrant and chic outfit. You look so put together for the summertime and you are so right, I don't envy the guys during those sweltering summer days. =)

  10. You look so fantastic in red. Really! I love the backdrop. I have a place across the street from my house that was a staple for almost a year, and I still use it from time to time. Nothing beats bricks!


  11. This is indeed a great work outfit–appropriate but still fashionable. I giggled outloud when I read the part about feeling sorry for your male co-workers, haha! I always felt that way, too!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  12. black, white & red is such a classic combo! i love how you styled this look! i can relate with your brick backdrop dilemma – i have one almost every single time too! if it matters, i'm not sick of yours one bit : )

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