Build Your Basics (See Jane Layer)

If you’re like me then you have those moments where you look in your closet and think to yourself, “I have no clothes.”  Even though I probably have too many things (Eric certainly thinks so–the inequality of closet space in our room is actually quite sad), I tend to get into major clothing ruts.  It’s really easy to get caught up in trends and with the internet at our fingertips, we’re constantly ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the latest thing.  I’m trying harder to to wear my pieces in different ways; it makes me feel like I’m getting the most use out of what I’ve got.

Day outfit on left + Night outfit on right

So, here we’ll take some basics…
and make two different outfits for separate occasions:

Do you ever go back to basics?


  1. Yes, basics are awesome. I usually tend to spend a little extra on these pieces as I tend to wear them more often. Love the pieces you have in the post, specially that white sequin tank.

  2. ALWAYS!!! The white tank top is a MUST in all girl's closet(I live in Greece, and we need at least 5-6 like these!). The striped top is my FAV, and the beige accessories, bags are a must! You are a very classy girl Jane!!!

  3. Everything here is so beautiful. I love the shoes and the tanks. I'm a big white tank girl. Its all stunning! Simple is the way to go! I always go back to basics

  4. Both of these ensembles are perfect! I find myself going back to basics so very often.. especially on those days that I just can't seem to find something to wear! It's all about a basic v-neck tee & a simple skirt or pair of shorts!


  5. Love this post!!! I almost did one similar last week! Basics are so hard to buy bc you always want the fun stuff! But I am really trying hard to buy those pieces more and more!

  6. I totally agree with you. I call it "going on a shopping spree in my own closet" and try to unearth something I haven't worn in a while or make a new outfit that will add a little variety to my wardrobe. I think it takes more creativity to work with what you have than to give up and buy something new…but shopping is still my fav past time 😉 Love the combos you created!

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