Peanut Butter Banana Bread (See Jane Bake)

When I got home from work last night, some sad bananas I had bought the week before caught my eye.  Although I like them, I’m generally not inclined to reach for one as a snack and Eric was in Vegas all weekend so they just sat…untouched (his favorite, along with grapes).  Knowing that he wouldn’t be eating four that evening before they turned, I was determined to make something out of them; I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t think of what to make on my own.  As soon as I typed “banana” into Google, “banana bread” came up.  Ashamed that I didn’t think of the most common banana recipe known to man on my own, I quickly forgot my feelings once I saw “peanut butter banana bread” pop up.  I ended up using Joy the Baker’s recipe because not only does she make tasty things, she’s hilarious to boot.

Life lesson: when you encounter less than fresh bananas in life (see above picture), make banana bread.


  1. banana bread warm with a bit of butter. I don't know why the combination drives me wild but it does! GUILTY. Thanks for sharing Jane. I'm glad you were diligent in the task of putting those foul bananas to use. lol


  2. I love banana bread. I could eat it all day long, which wouldn't be beneficial to anyone. My grandmother has the best recipe ever. I should make it and post the recipe for everyone!

  3. I always buy bananas but sometimes don't get around to eating them before they turn. I can't bear to throw them out so I always make banana bread or banana muffins.
    Waste not, want not. Plus it's delicious!

  4. Hey @cara – this recipe called for yogurt and i really think it made it nice and moist. (I used nonfat greek yogurt from trader joes)

    @MG – you should def post your gma's recipe! πŸ™‚

    @taylor that's so funny, i ate a slice last night with greek yogurt!

  5. oh my goodness this post is a little… I've died and gone to heaven! I love, love banana bread but I've never had "peanut butter banana bread." goodness where have I been!! This looks like an absolute must try. xx veronika

  6. Yum! I always forget to buy bananas in advance of when I want to make banana bread so that they get nice and soft. I usually don't buy them at all – so when the banana bread mood strikes I'm left in a bad place with no ripe bananas! I'll have to add this recipe to my "to try" list. I trust anything Joy the Baker makes, and this seems like something I could actually do in my own kitchen as opposed to some of her more complicated recipes!

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