Little White Dress (See Jane Pick)

I’m in need of a white dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner.  I had my heart set on the Elizabeth and James Mackenzie dress in Ivory, but alas, it’s sold out everywhere.  Time passed and I forgot about my search.  Once Alicia (who’s getting married the weekend after me) asked if I found one yet, I realized that I didn’t have that much time left to look!  Since the wedding is in Mexico, I’m looking for something effortless, but also pretty.  Also, I want to wear it again for our “home reception” which will take place in July back in Ohio for all the guests who can’t make the trek south of the border.  One more prerequisite: I’d like it to look as good with these shoes as it does with a pair of fancy heels.  There are so many great dresses out there…I can’t choose!

What’s your vote? (or feel free to send the link of others you like!)


  1. a tie between 2 and 4 for me. I definitely think number 2 brings ALOT more wear-ability to the table so it could be looked at as an investment piece to be duplicated in various and beautiful other outfits in the next year… i don't know though. It's your reception look and feel like the beautiful princess you are!


  2. 2, 3, or 4! Ahh I can't pick. I love how fun 4 is though, and I think it would look great on you!

    Have you posted at all about your wedding planning? I would love to see more details about Mexico! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My vote is definitely for #1! Oh, and I will be mailing out your shirt THIS friday! Work has been insane and getting to the post office has seemed nearly impossible ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love numbers one and two. Everytime you talk about your wedding I get so excited for you! It's such a wonderful time. I remember when my cousin got married (about three or so years ago) it was such much fun and she was so excited it was awesome. I can't believe you're having it in mexico too, that's even more incredible.

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  5. Number one for sure!!!! The model in the picture even looks like you! It's a perfect match! I think those sandals will complete the entire look! A little mexican glow, and a colorful margarita in your hand…PERFECTION!


  6. I really love 2 & 4. They are both beachy yet have something unexpected and fun about them- and you could dress up/down both of them. So exciting! I can only imagine those with beautiful jewelry and beachy hair! So pretty!

  7. #2 or #3 If your wedding dress is going to be long (which I assume it is.) That way your rehearsal dinner dress is much different from your wedding dress. Plus they are both so cute! And they'll show off your gorgeous gams!

  8. It's a tough call…they all look great. And you'd look so lovely in them. How will you style your hair? (That sometimes helps me decide on the dress.)

  9. My vote? The one with the asymmetrical hem for sure! It is just so easy yet a bit specialโ€ฆperfect for a rehearsal and beyond! I adore your strappy sandals that you plan to wear with this dress ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love #1 – especially for mexico! I think it's just important that you're in something comfortable so you can enjoy your friends and family and not worry that you're in a really tight or uncomfortable dress.

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