Emerald City (See Jane Wear)

Generra top (via Gilt), J Brand jeans, BR necklace, Rebecca Minkoff bag

If only I could actually wear a sleeveless top outside right now.  Sadly, there was a jacket atop this outfit when I went out in it a few weeks back.  I picked up this top on Gilt Groupe after deciding I needed some green in my closet.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the color, but I found it refreshing and surprisingly versatile (i.e. both work and play friendly) so maybe I’m onto something here.  Pardon the wrinkles on the top; I wore it immediately after I unwrapped it.  Whenever UPS stops by my house, it’s like Christmas–when you wear everything as soon as you open it (does anyone else do that?).


  1. Super chic outfit. Though I have lots of color in my closet, I do not have a lot of green. I need to get some more green clothes in my life! But anyway, I love Gilt too.

  2. your top is too adorable ^^ i love that colour 🙂 I can't quite discibe what colour it is… Only in Belgium we say, and this is trandslated 'cause in English this colour does not excis, apple blue sea green.

  3. Lovely color! I get so anxious about new things too! I've even left a shoe store or two wearing my new shoes, while carrying the old ones in the bag, hahaha, I just can't wait! Besos

  4. I love everything about this look! That tone of green looks awesome on you. I need to start checking out Gilt more often – you always find great things!

  5. Absolutely! I open and wear everything as soon as I get it. Love your new green top, Anna! Green is one of my favorite colors and I think it looks great on everyone.

  6. I do love wearing new items right away…but then I usually think about who else has touched it and get grossed out.

    Anyway, the color looks amazing on you! Go Green!

  7. Yes. Of course I do that. Are you kidding me? It's so much like Christmas when the UPS man comes to my house, that he gets excited for me. It's the way I throw open the door and jump up and down as I'm taking the box from him. He laughs and says, "Enjoy! See you soon." haha.

    Who are those shoes, though? So great.


  8. Perfectly adorable. I'm in love with those shoes – where are they from?

    I love that you paired that color of bag with the emerald green. It's wondeful.

    This also inspired me to wear some jeans soon – so classic and chic!



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