Tomato Tart (See Jane Make)

culinary colorblocking

I had never made a tart before.  One day,  I decided I’d make one, when what I was really hankering for was a quiche.  I knew I wanted something bright and colorful (read: to perk up my winter SAD) and since I’m always in the mood for basil and tomatoes, I was pleased when I stumbled upon this recipe.  It was savory because of the cheese, yet fresh due to the roma tomatoes and basil, which is a hard combination to achieve.  Now that I’ve gotten my first tart out of the way, I can’t wait to try to make another.  French apple with cheddar cheese, anyone?

the mixture that goes atop the basil + tomatoes
letting the tomatoes out to dry

final product


  1. I love how quiche is so easy to make and so satisfying at the same time! And you can create practically any flavor combination. Hmm… possible dinner for tonight, I think!

  2. this is one of my FAVORITE go to summer recipes. mine is a bit different but ultimately the same idea. it's simple and an instant crowd pleaser 🙂


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