Street Smart (See Jane Wear)

                                                               H&M sweater, UO striped top, J Brand jeans, Bakers shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses
I used to tell my family growing up that I was “street smart.”  I honestly thought of myself that way and I’m guessing it was my wild imagination.  In reality, I was raised on the mean streets of rural Ohio.  My “street” growing up was actually a long, winding road until we moved to a cul-de-sac.  Now that I’ve lived in a big city for a few years, I can once again (truthfully) claim that I have street smarts.  Now, please know that this doesn’t necessarily equate to having common sense–case in point: I left my coat in the car on this blustery day.
(Note that I’m wearing the Carrie bun thanks to B Jones Style again–I’m addicted!)


  1. Those sunglasses could not be a better shape for you! I love them on you! And loving this cute & casual outfit, too! I have the striped version of this sweater, but I must say I love how you layered it over stripes! Suuuuper cute!

  2. HA! I do that too, all bc I want to show off my cute outfit! HA!

    PS- I know just where you are, based off that wall! 😉 And I too think I have the smarts, my Hubs always points out that I don't!

  3. it's funny, once you gain big city street smarts in one city, you can pretty much go to any city and walk around like yo know what you're doing

  4. I love that mural. Fine, I love your outfit too!! Especially the cropped sweater and the blogger bun you have going on. I don't think I have thick enough hair to pull off the bun the way it was intended. I tried it the other day and mine just looked a little sad. Woe is me.

  5. i am loving this bun! must try.

    and street smarts come fast in chicago for sure. my whole family grew up in the city and we were out in the burbs and they used to make fun of us all the time. i'm happy i didn't grow up in the city but absolutely love it now. i'm torn on what i'd do when i have kids…

  6. I know I already mentioned my love for these photos over on Twitter, but I wanted to show a little more over here! That mural is so fun and a perfect backdrop for this look. I love the mixed proportions of your layers, and those oxfords are amazing!

  7. Love this look! It's classic and simple but so great. All I need to complete this look is the cropped sweater. Thanks for the inspiration.
    xx Allie

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