Stars ‘N Stripes (See Jane Wear ..A While Back)

H&M dress (worn as shirt), J Crew skirt + shoes

These pictures are from a few weeks back from when the Refinery29 came to Chicago to shoot a short video with me.  I bypassed posting these due to lack of lighting, but after a bit of editing, I was able to brighten them up enough to show you all.  Although I’m trying to phase black out of my wardrobe in preparation for spring, I may attempt to get one more wear out of this skirt before I stow it away with the rest of the winter clothes.  Although it was a total impulse purchase (to wear for a Christmas party, shown here), I have no regrets about buying it whatsoever.  In fact, because I consider it a “statement piece,” I want to hold onto this skirt until I can pass it on to my future daughter or niece; I think it will definitely be one of those items that they’ll laugh at me about and ask to borrow for “Retro Day” during Spirit Week in high school.

Which, by the way, my future children may also laugh at me for being dead last in the Refinery29 Style Blogger Contest…so (if you can) please vote for me!


  1. That's such a cute skirt and I am always this close to order it when I see it on the J.Crew site. I have refrained because I already have the other gold sequin version from J.Crew.

  2. Hahahaha, I love the bit about your future kids asking to borrow it for retro day! I always wonder what those items will be… what photos will they look and and shriek with laughter? What songs will survive that they'll consider 'oldies'? So funny to think about! That all said, this outfit is adorable! As always!

  3. I've voted as many times as I can – used every computer i can think of! And I agree, I'm sure there are some items we are LOVING now that will be laughed at by our kids!

  4. I can't get enough of sequins and your J.Crew skirt is definitely one you should hold onto. I love it paired with your striped top/dress. How can you be last?? It won't let me vote for you again, ugh. I've tried. Good luck, I'm rooting for you!


  5. This is such a great outfit! My sister bought the same skirt from JCrew after Christmas, but I think she has yet to find a casual way of pulling together a sparkly skirt. Thanks for sharing!

    And voted! Good luck.

  6. I love that skirt!! And you make me feel better about some of my purchases… whenever I buy something as a "statement" piece I always think about how awesome it will be to pass it on to my future daughter.

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