Monochromatic (See Jane Wear…One Color)

                                                       H&M jacket + scarf, c/o top, Zara skirt + boots, Ray Ban sunglasses, Chloé bag

When I last wore this skirt, it was 80 degrees and sunny; I wondered if I could pull it off in Ohio, where it was 35 degrees and slushy from the freshly fallen snow.  It turned out alright, but it was a little too breezy for my liking–my legs will cold most of the day.  I may have to wait for temperatures in the 50-60 range until I wear it again.  The cold, however, won’t stop me from dressing for spring.  The monochromatic palette worn here feels very fresh and spring-like to me and is a much needed break from my all-black winter looks.

saying goodbye to my dad, expert snow shoveler, after a great weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. My heart! The picture of you & your dad is adorable. I love it! I also love this outfit – so perfect for spring! Which should come annnnny day now, right?

  2. You look soo cute! And I agree 50-60 might be better for a maxi (at least for us!) I think I bought the same one in a grey from Zara!!! I can't WAIT to wear it – hopefully sooner rather than later!)

  3. This all neutral look is totally reminding me of spring. I love the way you did it with the striped top and scarf! How nice that you spent the weekend with your family in Ohio! I hope you had a great one.

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