Dark Ages (See Jane Wear)

Zara jacket + boots + scarf, Madewell jeggings, Forever 21 sweater, Banana Republic necklace, Chloe bag

It’s the end of March, so I can’t believe that I’m wearing all black and loads of layers.  Alas, temperatures have plummeted and I have no choice but to bundle up, yet again.  I don’t necessarily need to be wearing the dark colors, but I’m a huge fan of black and it never seems to fail me.  I wore this for what was supposed to be a casual, early night out with friends (but it turned out to be a late, fun night!).  Wearing a light sweater, jacket, and scarf together kept me warm outside, but I was able to easily peel off a layer or two once indoors.

How was your weekend?


  1. I live in black too–there is something so easy about the color (or is it a shade)…anyway, I'm loving the nicer weather too! Have a great Monday!! PS: I love bucket bags (I have one similar to yours!)

  2. Gah, yes, this weekend was freezing here too! Come onnn spring! I love this outfit though, cute, casual, basic… loving the boots especially! Glad you had a fun weekend! Those randomly super fun late nights are the best!

  3. Those boots are wonderful! I'm also in looove with this lip color. What is it?

    You look perfectly styled for these transitional days – I'm struggling with them, too!



  4. My leather jacket is having a moment too! Are there rules for leather jackets in the spring? Not that I've ever been one to adhere to rules for getting dressed. Not to brag, but SF is finally getting some nice weather this week (after a week straight of rain) – I'm looking forward to pairing my leather jacket with some floaty floral dresses!

  5. I stumbled upon this outfit on chictopia and just had to come to your blog to see more… especially when I saw what a brilliant name your blog has! The Dick and Jane books are so kitschy and fun 🙂 I'm completely in love with your handbag, and your scarf adds just the most subtle pop of colour to this lovely, simple look. Gorgeous!

  6. This is such a great look for this horrible weather. It's almost April and at this point it is just MEAN, mother nature. Please cease and desist from this torture. But I'm glad to see you're making the best of it with such a cute outfit. The lipstick is a great touch!!

    xo, Ashley

  7. I've been living in my leather jacket and this post confirms why… they're just so stylishly cool. Love this edgy look! Your hair and makeup look amazing. xx

  8. Hey Miss Anna! I'd be lying if I said I haven't been creepin on your blog since day 1 😉 Lookin' good lady and may I say your wedding invitations are the best!

  9. You looks so cute! You totally look like one of my husband's co-workers (Carrie)! I know you're like who?? But she's beautiful and sweet and I love her and you look like her!! lol. Besides that, you have great style!!

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