Chocolate Pecan Biscotti (See Jane Bake)

stacks of biscotti

Did you know that biscotti means “twice-baked cake” in Italian?  Neither did I until I was looking up recipes for it last week (recipe here).  In fact, it came as a huge shock to me that I would need to bake something twice that I almost didn’t go through with it.  I only bake on occasion and the fact that I’d have to do it twice in a row made me let out an exasperated sigh.  However, the dough/batter/whatever was already made so I kept on keeping on.  Fatal flaw:  I never read the instructions before I start to cook/bake–I only look to see what ingredients are needed.

over-floured that poor, top log
looks done to me, but wait, I have to bake it again?  yes, I do.


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