The Bright Stuff (See Jane Color)

If anyone’s guilty of overdoing one color palette, it’s me.  In winter, I’m all about blacks and greys; during spring, I’m obsess with tans, light pinks, and camel palettes.  I like a pop of color once in a while, but my short-term plan is to start incorporating brights into my wardrobe.  I’m truly inspired by all you bloggers out there (and Anna Dell Russo, of course) and how you manage to wear color so well.  I’d like to start my journey outside my comfort zone by pledging to buy a super-bright clutch and also by going back to get those $10 red pants at H&M I tried on last week (unfortunately, they didn’t have my size at that store or within a 60 mile radius–but I will find them!).


  1. I pre-ordered those Nine West sandals in black and tan, but I've been thinking about switching to the red and orange – ahh and I still have to wait until the end of April to get either one!

  2. I was just thinkinbg the same how I need some bright colors in my spring wardrobe. My winter and spring wardrobes are the same color palettes as yours. The trick is wearing bright colors to the office and I think the key there is a little bit goes a long way – an accessory or just a blouse will go a long way.

  3. OMG – We seriously did the same post today – WE EVEN HAVE THE SAME EARRING POSTED!!! Great minds think alike, a neon clutch is in my future too! 😉

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